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We are a New Zealand based, private organisation, with comprehensive Technical Expertise in the international Wool Industry.

We create skill training courses to suit specific work conditions and cultures where sheep numbers and farming practices do not justify the cost of machine shearing.

The ShearingSheep.com team includes:

  • Experienced Blade Shearing Instructors
  • Consultants to Manufacturers of Blade Shearing Equipment
  • NZ Registered Wool Exporter, Valuer and Buyer
  • Research and Data Analysts

We have experience in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Southern Africa, South America and Europe.

To improve the livelihoods on wool growers, blade shearers and wool, we work in partnership with funding agencies and local service providers to enable the sustainability of all training.

  • Establish Qualification Standards
  • Mentor the training of local Instructors
  • Design cost effective equipment
Allen Gemmell
Phone: +64 3 312 8044
logo-outline Glenda Betts
Phone: +64 7 865 7534

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